Catch 100 PWR


Don’t let its compact 3m length fool you. The Catch PWR 100 will carry a total weight of up to 204kg, and at 34kg., this kayak is car-top-able and can be loaded and unloaded by one person.

Mounted on sliding rails, the new Ergo360 swivel seat with adjustable backrest supports up to 136kg. This seating system allows you to easily face in any direction and ensures you are comfortable all-day long, while allowing you to position yourself for optimal trim.
The pre-installed independent transom is ready to take your choice of gas or electric motor (up to 2.5hp). The CATCH PWR 100 is pre-wired so you can conveniently stow your battery in the front compartment while easily connecting your motor in the back.

The handles with integrated rigging tracks plus the additional two 4” rigging tracks, provide you with tons of room to outfit your kayak with your favourite accessories. Four flush mount rod holders provide lots of space for your nets and poles.

The rear storage area is large enough to take a milk crate and pre-mounted eyelets make tying down your gear quick and easy. Along both sides of the kayak are additional straps and bungees perfect for securing additional accessory bags, tackle boxes or bottles.

The forward deck is covered with a thick EVA anti-slip pad for safety and comfort. And, there is an 8” day hatch located inside the battery compartment that provides additional storage and under hull access.

The patent pending hull design ensures a stable experience when stand-up fishing, a smooth ride when motoring, and has a recessed area for your transducer.
Pelican’s unique manufacturing process allows them to include additional flotation inside the hull of all of their sit-on-tops in order to meet or surpass all boating Standards. This overall process keeps their kayaks light while making them even more solid and buoyant.

Made with Pelican’s patented RAM-X™ material, a laminated triple-layer of exceptionally durable high molecular weight polyethylene that provides rigidity and strength, the Catch PWR 100 will endure years of adventures.

Length: 297cm
Beam: 101cm
Weight: 34kg
Maximum Capacity: 204kg