The Gemini capacity, seating arrangements and layout has made it the tandem of choice for the majority of tandem sit on top kayak paddlers. The Gemini can be paddled tandem, solo or even as a tandem with a smaller child in the middle.

All the best Feelfree features have been incorporated with moulded in side -bow and stern handles, wheel in keel, hatches that seal well, paddle parks, places for fishing rod holders – the Feelfree Gemini can do it all.

The Gemini comes with a ‘Wheel in the Keel’ that makes getting this sit on kayak to and from the water much easier. The wheel in the keel is designed for use on hard/firm surfaces. It makes moving the Gemini on slipways and from the garage to the driveway easier.

Length: 380cm
Beam: 83cm
Weight: 32kg
Maximum Capacity: 250kg
Maximum People: 2