Riversense is a documentary that explores the lives of five whitewater paddlers at different stages of life and how they navigate on and off the water. Meet cult hero, the late William Nealy, author, cartoonist, and whitewater legend, who introduces us to the whitewater society of "A.D.D. kids". We meet TR Yon, a fifteen-year-old playboater who grew up on the Nantahala river who is about to leave home and test his skills on the whitewater rodeo tour. Next we meet extreme paddlers BJ & Katie Johnson who are about to start a family. And finally we meet Dunbar Hardy, who broke his back running a fifty-foot waterfall in Ecuador. We learn about his miraculous recovery and how he introduced an even more unlikely student to the sport after his accident. Each story gives us a different portrait of the whitewater kayaking community and an appreciation of the way rivers shape our lives. If you've ever struggled to explain why you paddle, riversense is the answer. You may even find that you learn something about yourself.