Kayak Game Fishing

Jeff Sheppeard (Shep) travels the East Coast of Australia from his kayak, in hunt of the ultimate game fish. he does battle with various sharks ranging from bronze whalers, bull sharks and hammerheads as well as hooking a marlin before losing it (very quickly). This DVD has something to offer for everyone. It's informative, entertaining and has some very scenic shots at various locations as Shep travels along the East Coast of Australia. Fishing up to 15kms offshore with no support boat, Shep does it all himself. Watch as he gets pulled aroound for up to 10kms by large sharks, tags sharks, has close encounters with humpback whales, as well as doing a bit of bottom bashing for Snapper and Kingfish. This DVD has something for everyone being informative as well as enttertaining. This DVD is sure to entertain even if you're not into fishing.