Used PRS 570 Surf Rudder


Developed utilising original, unique and innovative design concepts ensuring premium performance. SPIRIT’s PRS Ski was designed for speed in both ocean and river paddling. The PRS is a proven performer being the most successful craft ever in the history of The Avon Descent including holding an Avon Descent record set in its Rookie year in 2008. The PRS is in demand worldwide because of its exceptional performance and ability to suit paddlers of such a diverse range of abilities and diverse range of paddling environment’s. The PRS ski’s Polyethylene construction gives it all the durability and strength you expect, meaning it will require nowhere near the maintenance of any composite craft and have the lifetime that you expect from a PE craft.

Length: 567cm
Beam: 50cm
Weight: 19kg
Maximum Capacity: 110kg
Maximum People: 1