Titan 13.5 Propel

Native Watercraft

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The Titan is a “First with Reverse” Propel Pedal driven bass fishing kayak extraordinaire. Large and in charge, the Titan offers unsurpassed stability and ample room and flexibility to move around. Optimal for sight casting with plenty of leverage to reel in the catch, this is a angler’s fantasy fulfilled. This boat features easy-to-reach horizontal rod storage with rod tip protection. Elevated First Class Seating is designed for comfortable transitions between standing and sitting, and it can be moved out of the way for a walk-around deck. The Titan also contains an interior foam layer which adds flotation for safety and increased stiffness for performance. In addition, the boat features two stern power pole mounts for dual anchoring to further increase stability. The Titan can be purchased with a custom motor mount that will accept trolling motors for a power-assisted ride.

1. Propel Pedal Drive
2. Dual Power-Pole Mounts
3. Full Length Seat Sliding Track
4. Horizontal Rod Storage
5. Rod Protection
6. Under-Seat Storage Tray
7. Bow Hatch w/ Hull Storage
8. Split-Paddle Storage
9. Hand-Sewn Seat
10. Massive Deck Storage Area
11. Floor Hatch
12. Anti-Slip Standing Pads
13. Groove Tracks Throughout *
14. Staging Rod/Cup Holder
15. Intuitive Rudder System
16. Transducer Mounting Plate
17. Bow, stern and side padded carry handles

Length: 411cm
Beam: 105cm
Weight: 68kg
Maximum Capacity: 250kg
Maximum People: 1