Flash 200


The Flash is made to meet the expectations of the most demanding kayakers for both a recreational and a sports kayak.
Sleek, sturdy, extremely rigid and stable, the Flash is suitable for experienced and novice paddlers. The Flash is available in models for one (the FL100) or two people (the FL200). Both are comfortable and roomy, with ample space for plenty of gear. Its extra-large floating surface reduces drag and increases flotation, resulting in smooth and effortless gliding.
Unique self-bailing valves can be opened for quick draining in wet whitewater conditions or closed for touring on calm waters. The Flash is designed and constructed to be used on whitewater, rivers, and lakes and for sea kayaking in protected waters.

Length: 374cm
Beam: 96cm
Weight: 17kg
Maximum Capacity: 210kg
Maximum People: 2