Adventure Kayak Sail


WindPaddle’s sails offer the paddler a lightweight, instantly launching sail that connects to most any boat with no additional harware. Just clip the sail on, release it and go!

Easily sail in a full 180 degree off-the-wind angle envelope or more! More power, stability and speed. The WindPaddle design puts the center of force of the sail down low, at about the same level as the paddler, making the boat/sail combination incredibly stable and easy-to-use.

-Light weight design

-Stiff “expedition-grade” perimeter batten
-Sails (reaches) off-the-wind up to an 180 degree angle or more.

  • 47” diameter sail
  • Best for boats 12 – 18’ length
  • Shallow draft cut for high sailing angles
  • Weighs 500g